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Dance has become one of our specialties. We have covered top dancers such as Rasta Thomas and the Bad Boys of Dance. See our Sample Videos for samples. We also cover Competitions, (Dance, Cheer & Ice Skating) some of our customers, Dance Masters of America - Mid Atlantic Chapter 17 and Beyond the Stars & Ice World. We offer for competition Instant DVDs and Custom DVD's.
Whether you are producing a dance recital, drama club play, school event, sporting event or any other type of event that needs to be recorded, we can take care of your needs. From planning, pre-sales, sales, shooting, editing, DVD creation, manufacturing and distribution, we have you covered. Ask us for a free consultation Event Request
We specialize in multiple camera video productions. This allows us to produce a higher quality video with multiple angles. All productions are fully edited in our digital editing suite to give you the highest quality possible. Our productions are then mastered onto DVD with custom menus and chapter markers allowing you to have full navigation. We then distributed on high quality DVD's with custom packaging to showcase your special event. DVD's have a life expectance of 50 - 100 years if cared for properly, where as VHS tape has an average life expectance of 10 -12 years if cared for properly. By distributing our productions on DVD, we create a keepsake for a lifetime. See an samples of our work on the samples page
We also offer a Pre-Show video. This is a 30 minute video shown before the main production. It is assembled with photographs, short video clips, advertising and other important pieces of information. This Pre-Show video can tell your audience about who you are and what you offer and much more. See our sample page with examples of video that has been used for the Pre-Show video. Ask us how we can build a custom Pre-Show video for your event.

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